Bridal hair styles that match your look

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Bridal hair styles that match your look
19:34 Monday 18th of April 2016

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Wedding season is approaching and everywhere I look there is someone getting married, going to a hen party or planning a wedding.

With that in mind, I decided to take a look at the wide range of hair styles to match different brides and their individual styles.

Beach Style 

If you and your other half have decided to head into the sunset for a picturesque wedding, then of course everything from the table settings, music, dress need to match the beach theme - and this must also include your hair!
Opting for a soft beach look will really enhance the whole beach vibe you are going for, because nothing looks more ridiculous than a bride dolled up to the nines on a sandy beach.
Soft loose curls that can be pinned up at the sides or a half up/ half down style in the hair makes the hair flow and will create the soft beach look you're looking for. Adding some flowers into the hair can really set the style too.

Traditional church wedding
Having the fairytale wedding that almost every little girl dreams of?
Keep in mind that if you have gone for a fuller skirt you do not want to over complicate the hair as it will take away from the dramatics of the dress.
I chose this clean 'up do' as I think it's fresh, stylish and simple. Add a little diamond piece to the hair so when the veil is removed it will still have a little sparkle & it will show of the structural detail of the 'up do' .
My tip is keep the hair simple & let the dress do all the talking in this case.
If you're all about the love and romance on your wedding day then let that show with your dress, make-up and hair.
Adding a little bit of volume to the roots of the hair always give the feeling of glamour. When curling the hair, either ask your stylist or make sure yourself that the curls are tighter at the bottom.
A little volume to the roots and styling the hair from midway up into a beehive look will allow your veil to sit perfectly underneath the volume.

Fun and flirty
I came across this look and just think it's so much fun. With a beautiful messy fishtail draped to the side and loosely placed hair around the face, this is a very fun and flirty look.
This amazing hairstyle is finished off with something a little less traditional and more fun. An arrangement  of stunning coloured flowers has been designed to sit just perfectly on the head while still showing off the fishtail hairstyle.
If you are looking to step away from the bridal veils and would like something more fun but yet equally as striking, then this look is for you.
Sexy and slick 
Always pictured yourself as a sexy bride? I am sure your dress will say it all but let's finish off the look with a slick but sexy hair style. I think this look just screams elegance.
Parting the hair to the side will almost always give a sexier smoother look. This look has been created with heated rollers or a larger tongs and the curls placed to sit fuller around the face. Pulling back one side of the hair with the other side softly dropping over the eyes, there is no hairstyle more glamorous.
My tip here is, if you are really going for the a sexy and slick bridal look, go for a full red lip!  This will really set the whole tone of your bridal look.

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