Co Kildare mother and daughter among several in county suffering from poorly understood disease carried by insects

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Co Kildare mother and daughter among several in county suffering from poorly understood disease carried by insects
By Louise McCarthy 19:49 Monday 20th of March 2017

A Co Kildare mother and daughter are among about 20 people in the county now suffering from Lyme Disease. A leading  expert fears Lyme disease   is 'initially overlooked or misdiagnosed'.

Some symptoms of Lyme Disease includes joint pain, muscle aches, fatigue, tingling, weakness, memory loss, brain fog, dizziness, nausea, swollen glands along with  recurring throat and ear pains.

Lyme disease is currently the world's fastest growing vector-borne infection (spread by ticks).

A Co Kildare mother and daughter battled the disease for several years before being diagnosed. A diagnosis within two weeks could have saved them, a dose of antibiotics would have been all they needed.

However, that was not meant to be.

Retired UCC Zoology Professor Eoin Healy  and Ireland's expert on Lyme Disease said: “Poor awareness of the existence of the disease and of its symptoms, both on the part of the general public and on the part of the GPs, means that very often the disease is initially overlooked or misdiagnosed.''

Rhonda, a nurse, had never heard of Lyme Disease. At the age of 49, 19 years ago now,   she began to feel extremely tired all of the time.

She said: ''I put it down to working full-time, the commute, housework, I would rest at weekends and go back just as tired. I felt great until this happened."

Then the seizures started. Rhonda said: "It was not an epileptic type of seizure. For about a minute, everything just stopped, blank. It happened a few times at work."

Following one weekend of severe exhaustion, Rhonda was unable to return to work, to a job that she adored.

Specialists,  GPs , rheumatologists and all sorts of medical experts were 'flummoxed'.

Muscle twitching and ME were diagnosed.

Rhonda does not recall being bitten by a tick, although she believes some sort of an insect bit her. She did not develop a rash, a common symptom of Lyme Disease.

She was hit by severe ear- aches at least once a month and joint pain.

Rhonda said: "I was getting seizures out of the blue, I had double vision. Nobody could find anything, I was getting shoulder and hip pain, and gradually this spread to every part of my body."

Then six years later, her daughter, just 21 at the time, returned home, after completing a Masters.

Rhonda said: "I asked her to give me a hand with the duvet, I noticed that she was not putting an effort into it. She said that she had a pain in her shoulder. Something in my blood ran cold."

Rhonda outlined how her daughter's twenties were robbed by Lyme Disease, she has never been able to work.

She outlined how she had to assist her 25 - year -old daughter across the street, how her joints had seized 'like a 91 - year-old.' Her daughter went from being a vibrant student and show-jumper to being hardly able to walk.

Rhonda said: "She had a dreadful time."

In 2005, mother and daughter went to Germany, where they were finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease. They were told to take one month of antibiotics,  but it was too late.

In 2008, they went to a clinic in England for four months, and received antibiotic and herbal treatment. The seizures stopped and the joint pain improved somewhat.

However, the real breakthrough for mother and daughter came about a year ago when they discovered  Palmserstown based Rob Renehan. He used Biogmagnetism to treat them, now their lives are improving, they can go for a walk, they have more energy.

Mr Renehan went to America to study Biomagnetism in order to treat his brother,

He said: “It is shocking how many people are coming in with Lyme disease.”

According to Mr Renehan, some people just need a few sessions while others may need a lot more, to get pain relief and recover from Lyme.

Rhonda said: "I just can't speak highly enough of biomagnetism."

Biomagnetism is a therapy that acts on the cells of the body, regulating both its energy and its pH (potential of Hydrogen) in order to remove viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites and to correct any organ dysfunctions. Magnets are placed on the diseased organs for some time in a specific order and manner. The magnetic fields then bring the pH of particular pairs of organs to their optimal performance (usually a pH of 7.0 +/- 0.3) creating a medium where pathogens cannot grow and thrive. Thus, the absence of great numbers of pathogens will normally bring perfect health to the treated organs.

80% of  patients at Dublin based Biomagnetism specialist, Rob Renehan, are suffering from chronic Lyme Disease that was not diagnosed in time.

Biomagnetism, the use of magnets on the skin, in a bid to rebalance the body’s ph levels,  is increasingly becoming the way to treat people with chronic Lyme Disease. Mr  Renehan is currently  treating  a number of Co Kildare patients. His brother, Dave, now back working as fireman, battled Lyme disease for several years.

****Rhonda (not her real name)

How to remove a tick- as advised by national support group Tick Talk Ireland

  • Using thin tweezers grasp the tick as close to the skin as possible and pull upwards with a steady even pressure.
  • Don't twist or jerk the tick as the mouth parts may become detached and remain in the skin.
  • Pull firmly enough to raise the skin and hold at this position steadily. (See picture below)
  • When the tick is detached seal in a plastic bag and place in the freezer. If you should develop any flu like symptoms or get a rash go straight to your GP and take the tick with you.
  • After removing the tick wash your hands and the affected area with soap and water and apply an antiseptic cream.

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