Simple and easy ways to style your hair this summer

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Simple and easy ways to style your hair this summer
19:00 Monday 30th of May 2016

You don't need to be a top hair stylist to try out these hair styles. I do fall in the trap myself of just popping my hair into a ponytail and away ago, that is until I did a little research and came acros some fabulously trendy styles to do without going to a hair salon.

The Half Top Knot 
The perfect hair style for a lazy Sunday!
Separating the hair from mid crown level, tie 3/4 of your hair with a very thin bobbin. Very lightly wrap the hair while pinning it in a a circle on the centre of your head.
To create that messy look, with your finger tips pull some of the hair out around the sides of the face and loosen the pony by doing the same technique with your fingers.
There you have it - the perfect lazy Sunday hairstyle!
top-knot RESIZED

The Tied Up Top Knot 

The beauty behind this style is it can be worn 2 different ways - either very elegant and slick for an evening out or you can take the same look and wear it very relaxed and messy.
It is essential when you are creating this look to get the ponytail in the centre of the head, so I always recommend you measure it from the centre of your nose back to the high point of your crown.

Elegant & Slick

To get the best results creating this slick look start with wet hair and add mousse to the hair. When wrapping the hair in the knot ensure you use pins the same colour as your hair so it will blend in. Finish off the look by using some styling gel to give it the wet look it needs.

celebrity-inspired-knot RESIZED
Fun & Messy

Using the same method of placing the pony at the centre of the nose pulling back to the crown, allow yourself to be more free with the hair. It doesn't need to be perfect as you wont need to sleek back the pair into the pony. When you are wrapping the hair pull some of the shorter layers out for the pony to create the messy look.

the-top-knot-messy RESIZED
 Milkmaid Braids

This is a beautiful way to wear your hair up this summer. Although this may look difficult to do, it is actually fairly simple. Basically this is two braids wrapped around your head to meet at the top, which gives a hair band effect.

Splitting your hair in the centre, tie two lower ponytails at the bottom of the head. Leave out two strands of hair either side of the parting. Simply braid each ponytail and secure with clear elastic bands, lift them up to meet at the top of the head and secure with Bobby pins. Simple but so chic!

braid-hairband RESIZED

Boxer Braids

The celebrities have certainly gone crazy for this trend! When done properly, the boxer braids can look pretty amazing and can transform any outfit.

The key to boxer braids is practice, practice, practice!

This look works best when the hair is soft to work with. You give your a hair a shampoo and condition the blow dry, and if you are using styling gel, only use a small amount.

Part the hair in the centre parting right down to the nape of your neck. Loosen one section, begin French braiding by taking a small section at the front of the hair. Working your way down the section of hair, add more hair so the braid gets thicker and longer. Secure the end of the braid with a clear bobbin.

Repeat on the other side.

boxer-braid resized
The Messy Bun

I confess that this look is my go-to look when I am running out the door and have very little time. All you need is less than 5 minutes and you have a perfect effortless  look to last you the whole day.

You can either use your hand to create a loose messy ponytail. For best effect, separate the ponytail in  sections and backcomb each section very lightly which will make it easier to wrap the hair and create a messy effect.

When wrapping the hair a circular motion you can be as free as you like. Using bobby pins, simply pin the hair into place. Spray some hairspray to hold into position.

the-messy-bun resized

Up style with a head scarf

This fun look is great if your looking to add something different to your hair style. Either on a beach or heading to a festival this summer a colourful head scarf can really add an element of fun to your outfit.

Simply tie your hair up in a high ponytail. If you are sporting a fringe this look can be super cool.

To tie the scarf or bandana lay it flat on a surface in a diamond shape and fold the scarf from one corner to the next. When that's finished and you have the hair up in your pony, place the scarf thickest part first at the bottom of the head leaving the thinnest part to tie in a small knot at the top of the head.

head-scarf RESIZED

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