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PICTURES: Kildare kids send love to their grandparents during Covid-19 lockdown

Read sweet messages from grandchildren to their much-missed grandparents

KildareNow reporter


KildareNow reporter


The Leinster Leader and KildareNow sent out a call to Kildare parents and families to send in photos and messages from their children to their grandparents. Most of Ireland’s grannies and grandads are cocooning or in social isolation, so we know that both they and their grandchildren miss each other very much.

We have absolutely overwhelmed with the huge response this week and last - here are just some of the pictures. We have published many in the Leinster Leader newspaper this week and last and will post galleries online over the coming weeks!

If your children would like to send a special greeting to their grandparents or a loved one, send a photo and message, with names and the general area where they are from, and where their grandparents are from, and we will publish them in the Leinster Leader paper over the coming weeks. It will be a nice surprise for granny and grandad when they see their grandchildren saying hello!

Send your messages and photos to this special email address:  or Direct Message our Facebook page.