Newbridge is full of love for June Fest with Kildare Yarn Bombers decorating the park Photos by Pat Tinsley

Louise McCarthy


Louise McCarthy


Newbridge is full of love with Kildare Yarn Bombers creating masterpieces for Linear Park, all in the theme of love.

The fourth year for Kildare Yarn Bombers to showcase their wonderful talent for June Fest, ages ranging from four to 94 are taking part.

Annie Morris, one of the organisers of Kildare Yarn Bombers, said: "We try to come up with a different idea each year. This year it is all about love."

Starting in early June, the exhibition of intricately yarn creations, will run until the end of the month.

A wide range of community groups and local pre-schools are participating. Every year the Holy Family Nuns participate.

The event is largely Newbridge based, but due to its rapid expansion, there are now people donating from all over Ireland.