GALLERY: Kildare Derby Festival Queen 2019 at Studio One, Kildare Town

18 year old Therese wins the hearts of the judging panel - and the audience in the Silken Thomas!

Aishling Conway


Aishling Conway


GALLERY: Kildare Derby Queen 2019 at Studio One, Kildare Town

Photos by Aishling Conway

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Lovely 18 year old Therese Sweeney was crowned Derby Festival Queen 2019.

A lover of all things equestrian, she represented Ironhills Equestrian and spoke humorously of her horse Joy, who is blind in one side..... and when participating in hunter trials in Stradbally, the bold Joy ran straight into a tree on her blind side, resulting in her rider getting mild concussion! 

ON a more serious note, Therese spoke at length about experiencing severe anxiety since she was in late primary school, a condition she now has under control.

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