Beware of flying ants in Kildare

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Beware of flying ants in Kildare
18:00 Sunday 13th of August 2017

The current muggy weather has provided the ideal conditions for huge swarms of flying ants, which are invading back gardens across Kildare.

Some home owners are calling pest control experts in a bid to struggle to cope with the creatures.

The ants do not pose a physical risk, but can carry harmful bacteria should they come in contact with food and surfaces.

The insects come in to your home to forage for food, in particular sweet and sticky substances.

To reduce the likelihood of an ant invasion in your home, you should Clear away food and liquid spillages immediately.

Clean food debris from the floor under kitchen appliances and make sure all rubbish bins have tightly sealed lids.

Clear away your pet’s food after eating, seal access points such as cracks and crevices in door and window frames and always cover food.

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