Co Kildare sees 92 children now in emergency accommodation with newborn baby facing eviction

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Co Kildare sees 92 children now in emergency accommodation with newborn baby facing eviction
By Louise McCarthy 19:47 Thursday 11th of January 2018
There are currently 92 children in emergency accommodation in the county. Of this number 56 are in transitional accommodation which includes the family hub in Athy.

This week a one week old baby girl  and a three year old boy  in Co Kildare are now part of a family facing the threat of becoming homeless.

Linda O'Neill, Kildangan, resides in a four bedroom house, for the past three years, with her five children, ranging from 25 to 12. She also lives with her two grandchildren. Two of her daughters, Nikita and Fallon,  have one child.

Linda O’Neill is a full-time carer to her eldest son, who has mental health difficulties. She also has a 16-year-old and 12-year-old along with daughters Nikita(23) and Fallon(20), all residing together.

Fallon gave birth to Millie a week ago. This baby born three prematurely now faces the prospect of homelessness.

Fallon said"I am very sore, I am not walking very much. I can't bring my baby to a hostel or a B&B."

Meanwhile Fallon’s mother, Linda, is facing the prospect of sleeping in a car with her son, who has mental health issues. She is concerned that he is not suitable for a hostel.

Nine months ago she was informed that the house went up for sale, seven weeks ago she was informed that the house was sold. Earlier this week, the landlord said that he would need the keys for the new owner within 24 hours. She has been actively searching for a house but can't find one available.

She said: “I am sitting on the chair waiting for the landlord to come, he told me the house is sold, that the new owners are waiting to take the keys.”

Linda is deeply concerned for the welfare of her son who has to take 17 tablets daily due to psychosis and schizophrenia.

She said: “I am dreading the landlord coming,I can’t go anywhere with my son, he is on edge at the moment because of this. If we just got a three bedroom house, we just need a roof over us. I don’t want to be living in a car with my 25 year old son. Christmas was so difficult, we did not know what was happening.”

Independent Cllr Joanne Pender said: "There is a lot of poverty in Co Kildare, I know a lot of people in their 20s who are sleeping on their parents’ couch, with no hope of finding somewhere to live.”

She is appealing for Kildare County Council to build more houses.

Where parents are facing eviction Kildare County Council's Homeless Services Team, together with other agencies such as Threshold, The Peter McVerry Trust, Focus Ireland and Simon, work with families and individuals in order to secure alternative accommodation and prevent homelessness.
Anyone who needs more information with regard to homeless services can find this on their website at or by contacting their Homeless Services Team at 045 980705 or via email: [email protected].

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