Concern about "burglary markings" outside home in Kildare

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Concern about "burglary markings" outside home in Kildare
17:30 Sunday 13th of August 2017

A reader has alerted KildareNow to what may be a so-called burglary symbol outside a Kildare home.

These markings - sometimes in chalk - can be used by burglary gangs to identify a property which is later targeted by accomplices.

In this latest case, strips of blue tape are wrapped around a lighting pole outside a property in a Co Kildare town.

The possibility that the tape was placed there by utility workers, Council staff or even kids hasn't been ruled out.

In the past, British police drew up a sample of burglary markings officers often encounter in residential areas (below).

In Birmingham in May, it was reported that pebbles left on driveways or under cars was a signal that the owners were away and an indicator to potential burglars.

Earlier this year in south Dublin, locals in the Ballybrack and Shankill areas were concerned after spotting other distinct markings outside their homes (below).

Gardai have said in the past that a lot of burglaries are opportunistic crimes as criminals see valuables on display or find a window or back door open.

But they said that people who see unusual chalk markings outside their homes should make a report to Gardai.

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