CORONAVIRUS: over 121 doctors re-joined the Register of Medical Practitioners

Retired GPs and doctors returning from abroad signing up with the Medical Council of Ireland

Michaela O'Dea


Michaela O'Dea


Over 121 doctors re-joined the Register of Medical Practitioners with the Medical Council

The Medical Council of Ireland has confirmed that 121 new doctors have signed the Register of Medical Practitioners. 

Qualified medical staff continue to return from abroad out of pure altruism and loyalty to their country. Others are coming out of retirement to help Ireland's call in a similar altruistic manner. 

According to RTE Dr. Rita Doyle, stated that "The Irish health system and its staff will come under unprecedented pressure during this time, and it is and will be a very challenging time for medical practitioners."

Those who register will be registering on a specific Covid-19 register, the Minister for Health will take decisive action in relation to the termination of this list. Currently, the project has an end date of July 31 2020.