Council confirms M7 roadworks will miss end-of-April deadline

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Council confirms M7 roadworks will miss end-of-April deadline
13:47 Monday 15th of April 2019

The upgrade works to the M7 motorway will miss their planned finishing date at the end of the month, Kildare Co Council has confirmed this morning.

However the Council say road users will see much of the work completed by July.

In early January, the main contractor, Siac/Colas JV informed Kildare County Council, the Department of Transport and TII, that the three lanes of the M7 motorway would be operational in both directions by the end of April 2019.

However many of the 80,000 commuters who travel the route every day had grown increasingly skeptical of this deadline in recent weeks.

Last Friday, the state body responsible for the country's motorway network, Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII), said that the end-of-April date was 'considered optimistic'.

And Kildare Co Council's Director of Services Niall Morrissey, said on Newstalk Radio today that a completion time frame of July was more realistic.

He explained: "What people are going to see, and I think the motorists that are going up and down can see that the sections are getting completed.

"They can see that we are making fantastic progress.

"And what you will see is the first phase, what we call the first phase, from Johnstown Junction 8 down as far as Naas South - we're aiming to open up that probably sometime next month.

"People will see a huge improvement in that first section of the journey."

Mr Morrissey said: "It’s a difficult job, a tight site of 14km long.

"Motorists can see that sections are getting completed, we are making great progress, and what you will see is the first phase from Johnstown J8 to Naas South, we’re aiming to open that up sometime next month.

"People will see a huge improvement in that first section of the journey.

"As that gets finished, you’ll see the crews from that site moving onto the next section and joining up with their other colleagues from Naas south onto the merger."

Explaining the delayed deadline, Mr Morrissey said that there were two challenges the council, alongside Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) faced along the way.

"Back in December we projected we might get it done by April or May, but it’s a difficult site, every meter of excavation is a challenge," he said.

"Two major challenges we faced were demolition of the bridge and construction of the new bridge last weekend, which both went down very well.

"We’re trying not to put out too many dates, but we do see that we’re making great progress."

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