Local firefighters battle car fire near Blessington

Located off the N81

KildareNow reporter


KildareNow reporter



Local firefighters battle car fire near Blessington

The car was completely destroyed

This was the scene as Blessington firefighters dealt with a car fire off the N81 road. 

The incident happened in the Hempstown area between Crosschapel and Manor Kilbride after 6pm yesterday evening. 

Wicklow Fire Service said breathing apparatus equipment was used to protect against inhaling smoke and other contaminants.

Car fires can generate intense heat - over 2 megawatts (MW) - due to the burning of magnesium in the engine blocks.

Car fires hide many hidden dangers and should be left to firefighters wearing proper protective equipment.

Magnesium reacts violently with water and can explode.

Gas struts in bonnets and boots can also explode cause them to shoot off. Always stay well back out of harms way.

When water is doused on a car fire, it can cause mini explosions due to chemical reactions.