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Exam students

Don't put too much pressure on exam students

The Leaving Cert is upon us – and here is a list of tips for concerned parents to help them support their teenagers. 

1. Offer to help the student get organised or re-organised – With study in school, so popular, the student might not be familiar with studying at home. Could you offer to help create a productive space with perhaps some visual aids? (Mind Maps or Definitions).

2. Invite the student to tell you about the plot of a novel or explain a concept, this can be done while travelling in the car or out for a walk. Never under estimate the power of being a supportive listener.

3. Keep noise levels down in the house, by encouraging other members of the family to be

4. Suggest an evening walk, or swim before study or after it.

5. Discuss a plan with the student for during the exams – Are they planning to get up earlier. Would they like a lift to school or to meet for lunch after an exam?

6. The odd snack or drink can be very reassuring and rewarding to the student, while studying.

7. Keep an eye on your own stress. Remaining calm can often be reciprocated.

8. Decide as a family that no matter what, you are going to celebrate as a family when the student has completed the leaving Cert exams. Completion is an achievement.

This will emphasise that you are proud of his/her effort no matter what the result.

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By Karl Hegarty