Eight patients receiving treatment on trolleys at Naas Hospital today

377 patients on trolleys nationwide

Kim O'Leary


Kim O'Leary



There are currently 8 patients receiving treatment on trolleys at Naas Hospital today.

According to the INMO's Trolley Watch figures, there are 4 patients in the emergency department and 4 on wards elsewhere at the Kildare facility, which is up from 2 on Friday.

There are 377 admitted patients are waiting for beds at hospitals across the country with according to today’s INMO Trolley 245 waiting in emergency departments, while 132 are in wards elsewhere in the hospitals.

The worst-hit hospitals today are: University Hospital Limerick at 44, Tallaght University Hospital at 41, and Cork University Hospital at 39.

The INMO Trolley Watch counts the number of patients who have been admitted to acute hospitals, but who are waiting for a free bed. These patients are often being treated on trolleys in corridors, but they may also be on chairs, in waiting rooms, or simply wherever there’s space.