Advice to householders: Don't be easy target for burglars when you're on holidays

KildareNow reporter


KildareNow reporter



Summer holidays

On this month’s Crimecall programme, Sergeant Graham Kavanagh offered advice and tips to members of the public in relation to the EU Focus Day on Domestic Burglaries which occurred on Wednesday last.

Sergeant Kavanagh discussed how best to keep their personal belonging and property safe.

  1. • 1 in 4 residential burglaries in the summer involved entry through an unsecured door or window
  2. • Half of all burglaries occur between midnight and 8am 
  3. • Around €6.4 million worth of goods and cash was stolen last summer in residential burglaries. 
  4. • There was a 32% increase in property being stolen from sheds, domestic garages, driveways and gardens in the summer than the winter.

 Whilst burglary rates have been falling, particularly in winter months, we cannot be complacent. 

Sergeant Kavanagh advised home owners to secure their properties during the summer months, where one in four burglars enter the property through an open door or window.

Thefts of tools, equipment and bicycles increase by a third during the summer.

An unlocked shed or unsecured bike are easy targets for the burglar.

"Remember to make your home look occupied, particularly if you intend to be away for an extended period.

"Once your home is locked and alarmed, ask a neighbour to regularly check your property, use timer switches or apps to turn on lights, cancel deliveries, tidy the garden and watch what you post on social media.

"Keep the surprises for your holiday and not when you return.”

Have a safe holiday!