Do Not Touch! Nuisance weeds poisonous to livestock thriving across Kildare during dry, humid weather

KildareNow reporter


KildareNow reporter


Do Not Touch! Poisonous weeds thriving  across Kildare  during dry, humid weather

File Photo of Ragwort on a roadside

The humid weather has seen the toxic Ragwort weed flourishing on roadsides around Co Kildare in recent weeks.

The yellow flowered plants are highly poisonous to livestock and can kill cattle and horses if they're eaten.

The toxins in Ragwort can also affect humans if absorbed through the skin due to possible allergic reactions. 

When handling ragwort plants (fresh and dried) hands must be protected by wearing sturdy waterproof gardening-type gloves and have arms and legs covered to prevent Ragwort plants coming into contact with the skin.

Suitable face masks should be made available so that they may be worn to avoid the inhalation of ragwort pollen and to reduce the risk of hayfever.

The pulled plants should be destroyed or disposed of to a landfill.

Contractors working on behalf of Kildare Co Council and Transport Infrastructure Ireland spray or remove the weeds along roads and motorways. 

Farmers and landowners also have a responsibility to control Ragworth as under the Noxious Weeds Act it is illegal to allow the plants to grow on your property.

Fines under the Noxious Weeds Act of up to €1,000 can be applied after conviction in court.