Famous pianist coming to Newbridge for festival next weekend

Celebrating 32nd year of the annual Gerard Manley Hopkins Festival

Kim O'Leary


Kim O'Leary



Famous pianist coming to Newbridge for festival next weekend

World-renowned pianist Hans Pålsson will perform at Newbridge College Theatre next Saturday 20 July

One of the World greatest pianists will grace Newbridge College Theatre on Saturday 20 July 2019 for a special night of music.

Hans Pålsson has played numerous concerts in the best Concert Halls of the World including our very own National Concert Hall.

Pålsson began his career as a prodigy and although he is a virtuoso player, people soon realized that he is much more important  and rarer than that: a true artist.

When Pålsson plays it is with such passion that the music can transcend reality, leaving a permanent impression - as genuine art will.

The Hopkins Festival Committee has a full size Steinway Grand Piano arranged for the event and the programme for the evening features Mozart,Schubert and Beethoven. This will be an evening of exceptional music and shouldn’t be missed if you love classical piano.

In 1987, The Gerard Manley Hopkins Society Ltd. was founded to celebrate and foster the poetry of the Victorian poet, Gerard Manley Hopkins and, in particular, his association with Co. Kildare and Ireland. Each July, in Newbridge College, The Hopkins Society also celebrate Hopkins's interest in Music, Painting and the Arts and even in Conservation. 

This year the festival gets underway from Friday 19 July to Thursday25 July, 2019.

On Saturday 20 July the Hans Pålsson  Recital starts at 8pm and tickets will be available at the door on the night and also in Farrells Book Shop Newbridge at €25 if you wish to purchase in advance.

You can get more details on the Gerard Manley Hopkins Facebook Page here