McDonald’s Maynooth restaurant undergoes €750,000 digital transformation

Major refurbishment will result in 10 new jobs for the restaurant

Kim O'Leary


Kim O'Leary


McDonald’s Maynooth restaurant undergoes €750,000 digital transformation

Local Franchisee Chris Pocock with staff at the revamped McDonald's in Maynooth

Local Franchisee, Chris Pocock, has reopened his McDonald’s restaurant in Maynooth following a major refurbishment valued at €750,000, creating an additional 10 jobs for the local community. The state-of-the-art restaurant will now employ 85 people in total.

The revamped restaurant, which first opened its doors in Maynooth 10 years ago, will now seat 84 people.

It will also feature a host of new digital facilities, all designed with changing customer needs in mind including table service, an indoor kids digital play table with Samsung Galaxy tablets, and touch screen self-order kiosks, which will deliver a more customised and efficient service for customers. 

New technology also extends through to the kitchen, adapting how the food is prepared and served so that products are made specially to order, using freshly prepared ingredients.

The McDonald’s Maynooth restaurant is operated by franchisee Chris Pocock, who also owns the Donaghmede franchise in Dublin. Chris has worked with McDonald’s for 25 years in Ireland and Norway.

Speaking about the restaurant reopening, Chris Pocock said, “I am very proud of the changes we have made to our Maynooth restaurant. Over the last ten years, this restaurant has prided itself on offering the best family-friendly facilities and services.  With our new self-order kiosks, customers can make more personalised food choices. And we will continue to ensure that we serve made-to-order meals using the best quality ingredients, in the most efficient time possible.”

Like all McDonald’s restaurants across Ireland, the beef, bacon, milk, water and eggs served in McDonalds Maynooth will be 100% Irish. 

McDonald’s Maynooth will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.