It's Christmas at Newbridge Silverware! Launch of festive decorations

Senan Hogan


Senan Hogan


It's Christmas at Newbridge Silverware - as it's selling festive decorations online

Newbridge Silverware has announced that it is selling new Christmas Decorations online. 

The attraction is celebrating its 85th anniversary in 2019.

A spokesperson said: "So while times may have changed, the excitement of receiving a Newbridge Silverware gift remains the same throughout the generations since our inception in 1934.

The Brown Thomas on Grafton Street, Dublin opened its Christmas Shop on August 15 - a full 131 days from the big event.

A spokesperson for Newbridge Silverware said: "Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.

"We are excited to share with you our new range of Christmas decorations exclusively available at NewbridgeSilverware.

"And this year, as we unveil our very special limited 10th edition dated decoration, we celebrate our 85th anniversary."