Shock at 'doughnut rings' along main Naas to Newbridge road

Senan Hogan


Senan Hogan


Shock at 'doughnut rings' along main Naas to Newbridge road

The 'doughnut' rings on the road

Photos have been sent to KildareNow of suspected anti social behaviour by 'boy racers' along a busy road. 

Evidence of 'doughnuts' - caused by a car spinning around in a circle - was seen on the R445 between Naas and Newbridge. 

The scene is at a cut-through on the dual carriageway and a junction which leads to Flood's Cross. 

Tyre marks on roads by manoeuvres such as 'doughnuts' have been known damage the tarmac.

Two years ago, local politicians called on Kildare Co Council to clamp down on boy racers using a Naas car park.

Local authority officials were asked to examine CCTV footage of the Friary Road (Hederman's) car park to help identify “boy racers” using their vehicles for anti-social behaviour.

Local residents were concerned that these incidents would ultimately lead to serious accidents.