Kildare Mobile Library returns this week after Summer holidays

Thousands of books for adults and kids

Kim O'Leary


Kim O'Leary


Kildare Mobile Library coming to a place near you soon

Kildare Mobile Library

The Kildare Mobile Library service is returning to the road on Tuesday, 3 September just in time for youngsters heading back to school after the Summer holidays.

The Mobile Library serves 26 stops over a three week route.

Stops vary between 30 minute and 3 hour duration depending on demand. The Mobile Library stops outside primary schools, and in village centers all around Co Kildare. 

It serves all the community young and old.

The Mobile Library is surprisingly spacious with room for over 4,000 books.

Children's non-fiction books fromthe Kildare Mobile Library

Adults fiction books

The stock is regularly updated and renewed with all the latest and most popular titles, in children's, young adult and adult fiction and non fiction. 

The Mobile Library also has large print books and audio books available to borrow.

Membership is free, and there are no fines for late returns.

You may find the Mobile Library Timetable for the period September 2019 to the end of may 2020 on library/mobilelibrary. 

For any other inquiries email