Call for public water fountains in Co Kildare towns

Senan Hogan


Senan Hogan


Call for public water fountains in Co Kildare towns

Councillor Joe Neville has called on Kildare Co Council review its stance on installing water fountains in Leixlip and Celbridge.

According to the Council, a pilot scheme for a public drinking point in Kildare Playground in Kildare town is being developed at present.

The local authority said that the costs associated with this can be used as a basis for the provision of water points in the county.

Officials added: "Water points need a connection from Irish Water and this will mean there will be an ongoing cost for them which will also have to be considered in addition to the installation cost and whether the costs are feasible within available budgets."

Councillor Neville also asked if the Council confirm the position in relation to the blocked off access to the Wonderful Barn from the Glen Easton side during the construction period.

The Council said that any access that existed from Glen Easton to the Wonderful Barn prior to construction commencing this year was unofficial.

Officials added: "The site has been fenced because of the need for health and safety and security of the site while construction works are taking place.

"Within the planning application there is future provision to connect to the Rinawade Estate to facilitate permeability between the two developments."