No through road for St Catherine's Park according to Kildare County Council

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Kildare Now reporter


Kildare Now reporter


Save  Kildare's St Catherine's Park

The committee handing in the submissions outside the council in 2017

Labour's Emmet Stagg has welcomed yesterday's decision by Kildare County Councillors to reinstate the protection afforded to St Catherine's Park in the Leixlip Local Area Plan (LAP). 

Mr Stagg stated that the Draft Plan has been amended to include the following sentence - 'No road proposal shall be considered by this Council through the park within the Council's ownership or jurisdiction'. 

Welcoming the amendment, Mr Stagg stated that the reinstatement of the wording will ensure the integrity of the park for future generations and he congratulated all those who made similar submissions as himself on the matter on their success in securing the change. 

He stated that with the protection of park now re-instated in the Leixlip Local Area Plan, he would now refocus efforts to get the Fingal Co. Development Plan variation implemented which would further secure the park's integrity.