LATEST: Hurricane Lorenzo will have a nasty sting in its tail for us on Thursday of next week

New Met Eireann chart

Senan Hogan


Senan Hogan


Hurricane Lorenzo will have a sting in its tail on Thursday next week

Met Eireann chart showing wind and rain approaching Ireland on Thursday morning

A nasty band of heavy rain and strong winds - the tail end of Hurricane Lorenzo - is due to hit Ireland on Thursday of next week. 

A 7-day Atlantic chart by Met Eireann shows the powerful weather pattern approach the west and south coasts and it is then expected to track inland.  

And another front bringing rain and wind can be seen following soon behind. 

It's possible at this stage that advance weather warnings could be issued by Met Eireann early next week. 

Prof Peter O'Donnell of Irish Weather Online agency said Lorenzo will bring 'intervals of rain' while the second front following it "could produce strong winds' on Friday.

Overall, Irish Weather Online said that for the coming week rainfall could average as much as 50% above normal with Saturday and Monday being the wettest. 

Prof O'Donnell added: "The remnants of Hurricane Lorenzo may be somewhere just west of Irish marine areas of the near Atlantic by Wednesday night or Thursday, and a front may reach Ireland on Thursday with intervals of rain.

The expert also said another deep low weather pattern forming east of the US coast "will be swung around towards Ireland and could produce strong winds around Friday."