Kildare Live Register numbers fall by 10% over year

Biggest fall for younger group

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Over 10% yearly fall in Kildare Live Register numbers

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The county Kildare Live Register continues to drop with almost 900 people leaving it between September 2018 and last month.

The Central Statistics Offices recorded a drop of 897 people over the year, leaving the numbers at 7,551.

Of these 291 dropped off between March of this year and last month.

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While the annual drop was 10.5% for all ages in the county it was 12.8% for the under 25 group.

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Overall the biggest drop was in Athy where the numbers fell 14.5% to 1,204, following by Maynooth, a 10.3% fall to 2,460 and Newbridge, a 9.5% drop to 3887.