Annual Hope(d) candlelight vigil to take place in Newbridge this evening

Procession from Henry Street to Linear Park

Kildare Now reporter


Kildare Now reporter


File photo: Hope(d) vigil in March 2017

The crowds at the Hope(D) Vigil March to remember those who died recently from suicide in Kildare

The annual Hope(d) candlelight vigil will be held later this evening, October 10 to mark World Mental Health Awareness Day.

It will take place in Newbridge. Those taking part are invited to gather at the Hope(d) premises at 2 Henry Street, Newbridge at 7pm.

Pipers will lead the procession down the Main Street to arrive at Liffey Linear Park around 7:30. A remembrance ceremony will take place at the park from 7.30pm to 8.30pm. All welcome.