'Clean your chimney before winter' - urges Kildare Fire Service

Senan Hogan


Senan Hogan



'Clean your chimney before winter' - urges Kildare Fire Service

Kildare Fire Service has urged householders to have their chimney cleaned before winter sets in.

National Fire Safety sparked an awareness campaign about fire safety with a number of initiatives.

An Open Day was held at Newbridge Fire Station on Saturday. 

Experts warned that soot and other materials in chimneys could cause a fire hazard in coming months. 

Kildare Fire Service said:  "If a fire starts within your chimney somewhere, this could possibly lead to disastrous consequences as it is hard to reach to put it out.

"The heat could possibly radiate into upstairs or attic spaces causing a fire in the home."

"By cleaning your chimney, you are extracting all un-burnt deposits and carbon build up to reduce the chances of this happening, therefor creating a safer place for you and your families.

#SaferTogether is the theme for this year so even if you have a fireplace or stove in a work premises such as a restaurant, please keep this in mind too for the safety of those eating in the premises.

"Larger amounts of people may be harder to evacuate should the situation arise."