KWWSPCA dog count - from 4 dogs to 21 in three days!

With more than three weeks to go till Christmas and already the dog situation is critical

Rose B O'Donoghue


Rose B O'Donoghue



With two dogs ready for rehoming, the KWWSPCA at Athgarvan had only four dogs in their care on Saturday week. By Monday last, that had increased to 21

Towards the end of last week, the KWWSPCA Animal Shelter near Athgarvan was looking after just six dogs and two of these were rehomed last weekend.

“But by Monday morning last, there were 21 dogs living there!” said Sally McCaffrey of the KWWSPCA.

“A litter of seven abandoned puppies came into our care on Friday and their mother, who had also been abandoned, was also taken in. Then six young dogs, all siblings, were surrendered to the KWWSPCA as the owner was no longer able to look after them. Another dog came from the Kildare Dog Pound and another, who had been in foster care, came into the care of our shelter.”

“Luckily we had the room, the volunteers and all the facilities to take in this number of dogs over such a short space of time,” she added.

Alas, another dog, who had been rehomed, was returned, adding to the congestion. So please, anyone considering getting a family home, or adopting a dog, please contact the KWWSPCA. 

KWWSPCA HELPLINE - 087 127 9835.

KWWSPCA Community Cat Care Group 087 251 7381

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