Large-scale illegal dumping in the Curragh

Senan Hogan


Senan Hogan


Large-scale illegal dumping in the Curragh

The scene of the dumping

Large-scale illegal dumping on the Curragh Plains has been condemned by locals. 

Images have emerged of the ugly scene earlier this month.

A number of mounds of materials are simply abandoned at the scene such as construction rubble, wooden planks, discarded Christmas trees and plastic sheeting.

A number of sheep can be seen rummaging around the waste. 

The location of the dumping is at the Sunnyhill end of the Curragh, just off a public road. 

A resident who sent images said: “This is a regular occurrence and needs to be highlighted and action taken.
“People that do this should not be allowed to break the law and get away with it.”

Meanwhile steps are underway to conserve and manage the Curragh Plains on a professional basis for the enjoyment of visitors and the local community. 
The 5,000-acre Curragh Plains are one of the largest expanses of semi-natural grassland in Europe.
Tenders were issued earlier this month by Kildare County Council for the ‘provision of Multi Disciplinary Project Team Services’ for the Curragh.
Successful bidders will be asked to deliver a ‘comprehensive Conservation Management Plan and Interpretation/Branding Plan.'