Couple urges Kildare County Council to say OK to log cabins

Petition: Young couples cannot afford to buy homes

Senan Hogan


Senan Hogan


Couple urges Kildare County Council to say OK to log cabins

Becky Byrne and Jamey Denagher

A Naas couple has begun a petition to urge Kildare Co Council to grant planning permission for log cabins to ease the housing crisis in the county.

Becky Byrne and her partner Jamey Denagher from Russellstown near Naas said they cannot afford to buy a house like many couples.

Becky said: “Housing in Ireland is a major issue at the moment with many families unable to afford to purchase homes or build brick homes.

“Residential log cabins are available at a much more affordable price — you can get a three-bed log cabin that is turnkey for less then €60,000

“More and more young families are being forced to live in mobiles and unsuitable/tiny houses, or are still living with their parents when they have children of their own.

“Residential log cabins offer a solution for many families- including my own.

“I have been living in a mobile home for seven years, my partner and his child also live there with me. It's small, cramped, packed full of what we need for everyday life, and as much as I love my home, it's just not suitable for our family, especially when our family grows.

“Even though we have both worked full time since finishing school/college, neither of us have been in a position to save for a deposit for a house due to unavoidable circumstances in our lives.

“We can get a loan for up to €70,000 off our credit union without a deposit, but they won't give it to us unless we have planning permission to build the log cabin.”

Ms Russell said that she has previously approached Kildare County Council, on more than one occasion, to ask about getting planning permission for a log cabin.

“I have been told each time to not bother as they won't approve planning permission for log cabins.

“We are lucky enough that we have been gifted land to build on, however we can't afford to build a brick house (which we can get planning permission for). What we can afford is a log cabin, if we can get planning permission for it.


“I know we are not alone in this struggle, I have seen mobile after mobile pop up in peoples gardens over the last number of years since I got mine and I know this would provide so many young families with their permanent home, including mine.”

You can sign the online petition here.

Over 1,000 people had so far signed the petition at the time of going to press.