Another collision today at notorious Kildare junction

No injuries sustained, but Thompsons' Cross become the location of regular accidents

Rose B O'Donoghue


Rose B O'Donoghue


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Thompson's Cross is now experiencing regular accidents (file photo)

Yet another accident occurred this afternoon at Thompson's Cross, on the main Athy to Kilcullen road.

The incident was attended by emergency services but thankfully, no one was seriously injured.

Cllr Tracey O'Dwyer stated despite Kildare County Council having spent “in excess of €75,000 in this area as part of low-cost safety improvement works”, there are regular collisions at the junction.

“Having had several discussions with local gardaí, among them Sgt Tom O'Donoghue, I put forward a motion to the council last autumn seeking further assessment and improvement works at Thompson's Cross,” said Cllr O'Dwyer.

“The problem is that traffic coming from Athy is approaching at high speed on a long straight road. There is a turn to Sunnyhill on one side and the turn to Castledermot (R448) on the other. Despite the investment on the realignment of the road with the M9 motorway, the number of collisions is an issue but the high impact of motorists colliding is another issue”.

Cllr Tracey O'Dwyer

Local gardaí confirmed it's an 80km restriction at the cross and that there have been regular collisions in recent months.

However, in response to Cllr O'Dwyer's motion, Kildare County Council replied: 

"The Roads Department/Naas Municipal District recently spent in excess of €75,000 in this area as part of Low-Cost Safety Improvement works.  The provision of a roundabout would warrant resources to complete a technical examination to include junction analysis, traffic counts, speed analysis, accidents recorded, and a possible CPO process to secure sufficient lands, and identification of a funding source". 

Local resident Pat Foley noted today's collision and was furious that Kildare County Council state they have no further funding to invest.

“I, along with many other locals, made submissions to the council on the junction, and the high number of accidents there.

“Why can't we have a 'fried egg' roundabout like they have in centre of Portarlington. That copes with heavy traffic including articulated trucks. The current layout is not working – at what cost will it be if there's a fatality?”

Cllr O'Dwyer affirmed her opinion that there needs to be traffic calming or a roundabout to slow down traffic coming from the Athy area, so that motorists are not approaching the junction at the same intensity/speed as is currently the case.

Kildare County Council had not responded at the time of publishing this post.