Cattle marts across Ireland are to shut

Farmers hit

Kildare Now Reporter


Kildare Now Reporter


Cattle marts across Ireland to close

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Marts across Ireland are to close as a result of Toaiseach Leo Varadkar's announcement yesterday March 24. 

Farming groups are said to be in talks with the government to find new ways farmers can get support during this tumultuous time and to reconsider pre-existing time sensitive policies.

The Irish Cooperative Organisation Society (ICOS) have stated that "any farmer wishing to buy or sell livestock to contact their local mart manager as we can still arrange for the marketing of animals, albeit as the Government has decreed, we cannot market them through the physical auction sales ring."

Farmers have compared this closure, to that of a stock exchange. Many rural communities across Ireland rely on the agricultural industry to support their economy. 

The closure of all non-essential outlets, including marts, will have a serious effect on other policies and retention periods. 

For the farming industry, this will effect the ANC retention period as farmers will struggle to comply with the seven month retention period.

According to the ICOS the reconstruction of the retention period would "allow farmers a longer timeframe to purchase the animals needed to comply with the stocking density requirements of the scheme, greatly assisting their economic viability."