"Don't open car window if you're going to Covid-19 test" - Garda warning

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KildareNow reporter



"Don't open car window if you're going to Covid-19 test" - Garda warning

Gardaí at a Covid-19 checkpoint

Gardaí said: "Just a reminder, if you are going to a Covid19 test centre please show your appointment card/text through the closed window of vehicle.

"Or if u are cycling or on motorcycle please show the same details while practicing social distancing.

"Thank you for your continued compliance."

Hundreds of thousands of people have been stopped at Garda checkpoints supporting the COVID-19 public health guidelines over the past month.

Gardaí have adopted a graduated policing response which has seen officers engage, educate, encourage and, as a last resort, enforce.

The force said it continues to experience a high level of compliance with the public health guidelines at the many checkpoints and high visibility patrols it is conducting.

Garda management said yesterday that they are continuously considering various forms of additional PPE which could be deployed to operational officers.

From 8 April until 9 May 2020 inclusive, there were 64 incidents of spitting and/or coughing against gardaí who had to use anti-spit guards 47 times.