'Know where your kids are' - Kildare Gardaí warn about large groups of teenagers

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KildareNow reporter



'Know where your kids are' - Kildare Gardaí warn about large groups of teenagers

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Kildare Gardaí have urged parents to discourage their children from hanging out in large groups which are not social distancing. 

Under the current laws, four people not from the same household can meet outdoors while practising social distancing of 2 metres. 

From Monday, this will change to groups of up to six people who can meet both indoors and outdoors for social gatherings while practising social distancing. 

However Kildare Gardaí warned of the risks of groups of up to 100 teenagers gathering at locations around the county. 

A spokesman said: "There are large problems around the county at a number of locations - around canals, rivers, lakes, parks.

"I know teenagers are off school but we're asking them and their parents to do the right thing to keep people safe.

"We're asking parents to be aware of where your teenagers are, who they're with and how many people they're with, and persuade them to do the right thing.

"There are literally groups of 80 to 100 teenagers going around, with no social distancing, no social responsibility being shown.

"If one of these kids happens to be positive, think of the damage that could cause among themselves and then going back to houses."

The Kildare Garda spokesman told the Kildare Today show on Kfm on Wednesday: "Teenagers might think they're invincible, but unfortunately they could be a lot of the problem because of that."