A Tesco store in Kildare made a lovely gesture when a boy (5) sent them a Thank You card for their home deliveries

KildareNow reporter


KildareNow reporter





A boy with autism living in Kildare town got a big surprise from Tesco Extra in Naas this week. 

Noah Summers (5) and his family were self isolating during the Covid-19 restrictions and really depended on the weekly grocery delivery from Tesco.

Noah wanted to show his gratitude to the supermarket and he sent a Thank You card to the manager.

The next day the store hand-delivered a toy Tesco delivery truck and a big box of chocolates for Noah.

Noah's grandmother Samantha said: "We sent Tesco Extra a Thank You card from my grandson who has autism and a chromosome disorder.

"We have been on total lockdown since the end of February and have relied heavily on our Tesco home deliveries.

"I was so grateful to all the wonderful staff that myself and my grandson sent a Thank You letter.

"Then to our surprise today they hand delivered a delivery truck toy and a large box of chocolates which brought so much joy to our grandson!"

Well done Tesco!