Co Kildare population may be growing faster than Dublin

Senan Hogan


Senan Hogan


Co Kildare population may be growing faster than Dublin

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An analysis of recent population estimates released by the Central Statistics Office suggests that the population of County Kildare is likely to have grown by up to 6% since the last Census was carried out in 2016.

The CSO’s data only gives a breakdown for the Mid East region - which includes Kildare, Wicklow, Meath and Louth - which overall grew by 6.1% to 733,500 in April.

However a ballpark figure of Kildare’s current population can be estimated from the 2016 Census.

In 2016, Kildare made up 32.2% of the Mid East region’s population, which would equate to around 236,187 now based on latest estimates.

This is an increase of 14,057 on the 2016 Census or 6.3%.

The latest figures show the population of Dublin has grown by 6.1% up to April.

This shows that the rate of increase in Dublin and Kildare is considerably faster than the rest of Ireland which is 4.2%.

Overall the population of Ireland has risen to 4.98 million up to April 2020 and now looks set to exceed five million next year.

Across EU 

On an EU basis, Ireland has one of the fastest rates of population growth in Europe as most of the EU is seeing a marginal 0.2% rise in 2020.
Some countries such as Greece, Italy and Poland may even see a drop in their populations this year.

58,300 births

CSO Statistician James Hegarty said: “The combined effect of positive net migration and natural increase resulted in population growth of 55,900 (+1.1%) in the year to April 2020, compared to an increase of 64,500 (+1.3%) in the year to April 2019.
“This annual increase brings the population estimate to 4.98 million in April 2020.
“The number of immigrants to the State in the year to April 2020 is estimated to be 85,400, while the number of emigrants from the State over the same period is estimated at 56,500.
“These flows resulted in net inward migration for Ireland in the year to April 2020 of 28,900, a reduction of 4,800 (-14.2%) on the previous year.
“The number of births was 58,300 while the number of deaths was 31,200, resulting in a natural increase of 27,100 in the year to April 2020.
“This is the lowest level of natural increase recorded since the 2001 population estimates.”

Irish abroad returning home 

Irish nationals accounted for 28,900 (33.8%) of the 85,400 immigrants to Ireland, this is the highest number of returning Irish nationals since 2007.

Of the 56,500 emigrants from Ireland 28,300 (50.1%) were estimated to be Irish nationals.

Consequently, net inward migration of Irish nationals in the year to April 2020 was just over 500.

The 2021 Census will include a Time Capsule message written by participants which will be securely stored for 100 years.