Kildare County Council gets planning application for construction of new school building

Planning Received for demolition of national school

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A planning application has been received to Kildare County Council for the demolition of an existing school and the removal of  associated prefabricated temporary teaching accommodation units. 

There is a planning application for the demolition of St Joseph's Boys National School, Kilcock. 

The plans are for the construction of a new part single storey and part two storey school building including 16 classrooms, a multi purpose room, a library resource room, a general purpose hall, associated stores, administrative offices, service areas, circulation areas and a special needs unit with two base classrooms.

Also planning has been received for the construction of an on site bus turning and and set down areas including staff and visitor car parking spaces,two  ball courts,play areas,grassed playing pitch, bicycle parking spaces and a bin storage area.

There is also planning received for the provision of new road marking on  the public road along access road at west road frontage of site. Also there is planning in place for the removal of  the existing drop off area  outside  the existing boundary wall at  the road junction and the realignment of  the low boundary wall.

Also the plans are for the refurbishment and minor alterations of existing low boundary wall at street frontage including blocking up existing gates and opening new ones. There are also plans for the provision of new fencing along north-west and north-east site boundaries and heightening of a section of boundary treatment at the east corner of the site.

Also planning has been received for the provision of new ball court fencing and other wall enclosures within the site and all ancillary associated site works.