What to do if you're stopped at Garda checkpoint en route to Covid test

Senan Hogan


Senan Hogan

What to do if you're stopped at Garda checkpoint en route to Covid test


Gardaí have reminded motorists about the arrangements if they are stopped at a Garda checkpoint en route to a Covid-19 test.

Gardaí said: "Please keep your windows closed and display your Covid-19 test application through the window.

"Let’s keep everyone safe."

Starting to coincide with Level 5 restrictions on October 22, gardaí introduced a range of measures including a large of number of static and rolling checkpoints and high visibility community engagement patrols.

Gardaí said the measures are being introduced to ensure compliance with public health guidelines and regulations following the Government’s decision that the country should move to Level 5 under the Framework for Living with Covid-19.

As part of this plan, training in the Garda College will be suspended for the next nine weeks except for specialist training activity  such as firearm and armed support.

This decision will release the following personnel to front-line policing - 125 attested Garda trainees currently undertaking phase one training in the Garda College.

Also available will be 75 Garda trainees not attested undertaking phase one training.

In addition, 60 Gardaí working as tutors/instructors in the Garda College will be reporting for duty. This in addition to the 45 Gardaí who temporarily transferred from the Garda College to the front-line at the start of the pandemic and who have remained on front-line duty.