Kildare Zoom event on the mysteries of our bogs this Saturday

Live event with Michael Jacob and Laurence Fullam

Kildare Now reporter


Kildare Now reporter



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A Zoom based event on the mysteries of Kildare bogs has been organised by Creative Rathangan Meitheal this Saturday, November 21. 

Titled From 'wilderness' to 'brown gold' - the layered history of Ireland's bogs is a web of stories, memories and contested identity. 

"Ireland’s bogs have long been portrayed as ‘wastelands’ – a ‘wilderness’ to be claimed and exploited. For Tudor administrators, and their successors, bogs also reflected something of the nature of Irish and offered proof of their inability and unwillingness to manage the land," said Laurence Fullam.

"From the 1700s onwards various plans, schemes, and proposals were made to reclaim and exploit Ireland’s bogs, but the great midland bogs were still largely intact when the Free State was established in 1922. It took political will, and the establishment of the Turf Development Board, to ensure that they were exploited. A 70 year long relationship between BNM and the ESB underpinned the economic and social progress of communities across the midlands. But we are now at a point where workers and communities across the midlands, whose lives and identities were bound up with those of BNM and the ESB, find themselves facing uncertain futures."

In Bog Workers, Michael Jacob traces the stories of the men who came to Lullymore, and other camps across Kildare and Offaly, during the 'Emergency' years and who in time became part of the local community. He argues that their stories should be recorded and their contribution acknowledged.

Further details on Creative Rathangan Meitheal's Facebook Page and booking via Eventbrite.