Top accounting exam marks for Kildare mum

Accounting Technicians Ireland Diploma

Kildare Now reporter


Kildare Now reporter


Top accounting exam marks for Kildare mum

Alíz Nagykéri, from Celbridge

A County Kildare-based accounting professional has enhanced her career prospects through obtaining one of the top exams marks in the country.

Alíz Nagykéri, from Celbridge, completed the Accounting Technicians Ireland Diploma online with flying colours.

Alíz, a mum of two, said the online programme was the only option available which accommodated her need to spend time caring for her children.

And the Hungary native said the Diploma helped her bridge the gap between her Hungarian qualifications and knowledge of Irish tax law.

Alíz, an accounts assistant at Dublin-based Capital ABC Ltd, who moved to Ireland in 2007, said she based her decision to study for the Accounting Technicians Ireland Diploma on online reviews of the programme.

“Whilst researching available study options, I made my decision to study for the Accounting Technicians Ireland Diploma based on student testimonials, which were excellent, said Alíz.

“As a mother with a full-time job, I opted to study online.

“During my first year of the Diploma, I fell pregnant with my second child, so it proved a good decision for me as I had the freedom to choose when I could study.

“The Diploma has helped me a lot in terms of the differences between Irish and Hungarian tax law.

“It has been an incredibly positive experience for me.

“I am so happy I chose the Accounting Technicians Ireland Diploma. I got to manage my study time and had every resource I needed online. I watched lectures anytime I wanted and there was great support from fellow students. The tutors were great and were always available.”

Accounting Technicians Ireland provides a nationally and internationally recognised accounting qualification and graduates are employed in industry, commerce, private practice and the public sector.

“There is continuing strong demand for accounting and financial skills in industry, practice and the public sector, with many employers supporting their staff by meeting programme fees,” says Gillian Doherty, Chief Operations Officer at Accounting Technicians Ireland.

“We work closely with employers to ensure the Diploma qualification prepares our graduates to succeed in the workplace."