UK family "desperately" seeking information on Kildare roots

Senan Hogan


Senan Hogan

UK family "desperately" seeking information on Kildare roots

Bridget Sisleen Hartigan pictured in 1940s and Jack Hartigan with the Kildare Hounds possibly in 1920s

A family living in the UK is seeking information on roots in Kildare. 

Fleur Lloyd is trying to help her grandmother (81) trace family links in Ireland. 

Fleur said some of her ancestors have links to Co Kildare as well as Dunlavin and Blessington.

Fleur's Nana ‘Annie Winnifred’ and her mother Bridget in the 1950s

Fleur said:

"I am desperately trying to help my 81 year old mother trace her family in Ireland. 

"I know it is a long shot but wondered whether you might be able to help? I have drawn a blank wherever I look.

"The family name is Hartigan and I know my great grandmother Bridget Sisleen Hartigan was born in Tober in 1880.

"Her father John was born in Co Wicklow around 1843 and married Anne Jennings from Co Mayo. 

"My great aunt told us that the family were from Blessington, and that one of Bridget’s brothers was master of the Kildare Hounds.

"I can see a record that there was involvement with the Dunlavin church.

"In 1901 and 1911 the family were living in Tober.

"This is all I know.  I have traced all of her female siblings over to London, but can find no surviving family members.

"We would so love to know if any of the Hartigans in the Kildare area are related to this family and if they have any more information they can provide. 

"I believe there was a scandal of some sort, possibly involving my great grandmother, but I cannot substantiate anything.

"As an only child, it was a big regret of my mother's that she did not manage to find any family prior to her mother's and grandmother's deaths in the 1970s.  I don’t know if there is anyone you could suggest to help?"

Children of John and Anne:

Denis born 1874
Mary Anne born 1876 - Moved to London
Michael born 1878
Bridget born 1880 - Moved to London
Richard born 1882
Julia born 1885 - Moved to London
Patrick born 1885
Kate born 1887 - Moved to London
James born 1892
Jas / Jack? born 1894