Gardaí get lucky when they stop this driver - and discover that the vehicle is stolen

Senan Hogan


Senan Hogan

Gardaí stop driver and make a discovery that the vehicle is stolen

The stolen car at the scene

The driver of this car was arrested on the spot after it emerged the vehicle was stolen. 

A Roads Policing Unit from the Dublin Metropolitan West (DMR) Division was on patrol at the time in Blanchardstown. 

Officers noticed that the this driver was acting suspiciously and stopped it.

Using the hand-held Mobility App device, it was discovered that the car was stolen.

The driver was arrested at the scene. 

Court proceedings will follow in coming weeks. 

Meanwhile Naas Roads Policing stopped two vehicles at an Operation Fanacht checkpoint on Tuesday.

One driver was found to have no insurance and the other was an unaccompanied learner driver with no L plates displayed.

Fines were issued and court date will follow for having no insurance.

Naas Roads Policing Unit also stopped a vehicle that had not been taxed for 774 days.