Horse found in Kildare field with protruding bones 'had to be put to sleep'


Kildare Now Reporter


Kildare Now Reporter


Horse found with in Kildare field protruding bones 'had to be put to sleep'

Naas courthouse

A horse had to be euthanised after being found in an extremely unhealthy condition, it's been alleged.

Arthur Kilalea, 25, whose address was given as 261 St Attracta Road, Cabra, Dublin, was prosecuted for an alleged breach of the Animal Health and Welfare Act on March 3, 2019 at Knockshough Glebe, Kildare, at Naas District Court on April 15

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Sgt Brian Jacob said it would be alleged that the horse's ribs were protruding and its hip was protruding.

It would be further claimed that the horse could not get up and the animal had green and yellow mucus, indicating a severe infection.

He said the horse had no fresh hay and it was euthanised.

Judge Desmond Zaidan was told the case will be fully contested. He adjourned it to October 28.