Handbag stolen from parked car in Curragh

donnellys hollow

Donnelly's Hollow in the Curragh

Gardaí are investigating after a handbag was taken from a car parked in the Curragh. 

Then incident happened at Donnelly's Hollow between 4.30pm and 6.30pm on Wednesday, April 21 last. 

Gardaí issued a general warning to people not to leave valuables in parked cars. 

The following is general advice on thefts from vehicles issued by gardai: 

  • Ensure all windows are closed and all doors are
    • Ensure that your alarm / immobiliser is set
    • Do not leave property on view inside your vehicle
    • Do not leave cash, credit/debit cards, cheque
    books or other valuable items inside your vehicle
    • Do not leave personal documents (driving licence, insurance certificate, utility bills, bank
    statements etc.) as this can facilitate identity theft
    or lead criminals to your home address
    • Be particularly careful with laptops, mobile
    phones and other small electronic items as the
    data they contain may be very attractive to the
    • Do not place property under the seat - it is not a
    secure location and can often be seen
    • If you must store property in your vehicle, place it
    in the boot but do so at a location other than the
    area where you intend to park
    • Avoid parking in isolated places and, at nighttime, park in a well-lit area
    • Consider retracting, where possible, your wing
    mirrors as flush as possible to the doors to avoid
    criminal damage