Hundreds of locals opposed to Naas Inner Relief Road expected at meeting on Monday

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Hundreds of locals opposed to Naas Inner Relief Road expected at meeting on Monday
22:30 Friday 22nd of March 2019

The Combined Estates Group, who are vehemently opposed to the Preferred Route 2 of the Naas Inner Relief Road, are holding a public meeting on the issue on Monday at 7.30pm in the Osprey Hotel, Naas.

All Naas Municipal District councillors and Kildare North TDs have been invited.

Last year, hundreds of people attended a similar meeting.

The Council is insisting that the Inner Relief Road will alleviate current traffic congestion and delays experienced in Naas Town Centre as well as on the existing R445 Dublin Road and the R410 Blessington Road.

It is estimated that the completion of the Road could also facilitate the construction of hundreds of new houses in Naas.

However the residents said they are astounded that Kildare Council has decided to seek Planning Permission for Route 2 which runs along the boundary of Naas Racecourse and close to dozens of  homes from the Dublin Road to the Blessington Road.

A spokesperson said: "It beggars belief that this is the best Kildare County Council could come up with for the severely congested traffic problem in Naas.

"It shows total disregard to thousands of the town’s residents. Why is Kildare County Council not fighting for funding for a proper ring road? Is it even in the plans?

"Why are we meant to be so grateful for the €6 million funding that is being provided by the LIHAF, when it is totally inadequate."

The residents said that the town needs a proper ring road system to cope, if hundreds of houses are to be built.

The spokesperson added:

"Why are Kildare County Council getting funding for a road twenty seven years later, which is now totally outdated and unfit for purpose. What have they been doing while our town was greatly expanding? Naas will continue to have a major and severe traffic problem for years to come, unless proper infrastructure is put in place."

"This route will travel right beside hundreds of residential homes. It is outrageous that Kildare County Council think that re-routing traffic and heavy vehicles from the town centre and placing them on top of established residential estates is the way to enhance Naas.

"The noise, dust, pollution, vibration and speeding that this road will cause, if it proceeds, will be devastating to the residents’ quality of life.

"The facts are that in the Kildare Co Council Route Selection Report, Route 2 was a less preferred option on these important environmental grounds.

"Furthermore, it is quite incredible that Kildare County Council believes that it can just take our common areas and surround our houses with up to 12ft walls.

"Not only will the approximately 12ft walls make us feel like prisoners in our own estates, but the backlog of traffic to exit each estate every morning, as we leave our estates, will in effect make us actual prisoners.

"Affected estates will have to exit onto what will be an extremely busy road, in the form of Route 2. In addition, the estate entrances of Kings Court, The Gallops, and Racecourse Gate, are closely situated with no provision for traffic lights or roundabouts.

"How will we get out of our estates in the morning? Creating very large junctions at residential estates is not appropriate and will lead to accidents.

"The idea that this route will somehow relieve traffic defies all common sense and logic. The 4-way junction at the Gallops / Monread is already exceptionally busy, as is the junction at the Blessington Road and Ballycane Road.

"By creating a major road via the racecourse, these junctions will simply not be able to cope.

"We urge all of those in the affected areas, including those in Monread, and those who will be affected by a completed 'Ring Road' (for want of a better word) of the Town, to attend the meeting on Monday at 7.30pm, so that your voice can be heard."

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