Kids ruin sitting room with eggs and flour in Newbridge

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Kids ruin sitting room with eggs and flour in Newbridge
10:08 Wednesday 11th of July 2018

An ongoing problem is continuing of kids throwing eggs and flour at homes in part of Newbridge.

On Sunday, one resident of the large Curragh Grange residential area said her sitting room including couch and floors were 'ruined' by two girls aged about 10 to 12 years old with blonde hair.

She said: "Warning - eggs and flour thrown into our OPEN sitting room windows by two young girls in the Close. Sitting room ruined.

"Guards informed. Done a few other houses in the close too."

KildareNow reported last month that school children in the area were also throwing eggs and flowers at cars.

In the latest incident, the resident added: "They came right up to the window to throw them in and they were seen.

"Got all over floors and couch.

"Had the cheek to do a few other houses after ours too.

"Guards were called. It appears it may have been same two girls as before. Blonde hair, about 10-12 years of age."


On Monday, damage was caused to this doorstep (below) by flour and eggs.

Gardai have notified about the anti social behaviour incidents with have happened in recent weeks.

One resident said the culprits are as young as 9 years old and added: "They are egging houses and throwing flour after it."

Another commented: "Such brazen girls - they walked up and threw eggs and flour in the window at us. 3 of them - one was on roller blades."

One householder said the culprits threw eggs and flour at her car.

Similar incidents also took place at Halloween last year.

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