Kildare author's second novel, Save her Soul, to launch next week

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Kildare author's second novel, Save her Soul, to launch next week
By Rose Barrett 17:00 Tuesday 25th of July 2017

Celebrating your 40th birthday is a milestone in everyone’s life and often throws a few self- recriminations: “What have I done with my life?!” No such recriminations for author Amanda J Evans whose 40th birthday fell earlier this month.

Kildare woman, Amanda J Evans who will release her second novel on Aug 1

Mother of two, Amanda had her first book Finding Forever published on January 31 this year, the first of a trilogy, with her second book, Save her Soul to be officially launched on August 1.

Added to that, Finding Forever was listed by Goodreads as 93 of the best 98 books of 2017 (Goodreads is owned by Amazon) and Amanda was further nominated for the 2017 Summer Indie Book Award. She has also completed “Nightmare Realities”, a collection of spooky short stories aimed at 12-16 year olds with pencil illustrations by her daughter Emma Donnelly - creativity abounds in the Donnelly household!


Pencil sketches by Emma Donnelly (14) for a collection of spooky children's stories by her mother, Amanda.

Writing is her passion; it’s her work, her bread and butter, having amassed a career for herself as a ghost writer and content copy writer for websites. For the past seven years, Amanda has worked as SEO Content Manager for a large Canadian company. But the grá she’s always had to write original copy, to feed her creative ‘niggles’ began when she was only nine years old and wrote her first short story, ‘The Elf Story’, a book her delighted parents Yvonne and Jimmy had proudly printed up and bound for her.

Every good author writes from within and whilst Amanda may not be experiencing the gripping dramas of her novels in the day-to-day running of the Donnelly household (wife to Joe, mum of Emma, almost 14 and Conor, almost 11), her first publication in 2005 was a very personal publication, ‘Surviving Suicide’. A compilation of her siblings’ and her experience after the traumatic death of her late father, Jimmy, the book was re-printed in 2012 with a contribution from Yvonne, Amanda’s mum as the family finally found the means to heal.

“I received such positive reviews of that book, and indeed, it was even used as an educational script at a school in the UK. For me, it was a healing tool, and it further increased my need to produce my own writing”.

Amanda, a native of Ballymore Eustace, had worked in administration for 10 years at St Mary’s Hospital, Naas; ghost writing, reviewing, and her website work allowed her to work from home and to have more time with her children and husband Joe.

“I sometimes only get 30 minutes a day to do my own writing but I set myself a target to write at least one page a day for myself – that might sound very little but I hand write my own work as opposed to my employment, which is typed up on the laptop”.

Her first novel Finding Forever, the first of a trilogy series, is currently being recorded as an audio book by producer Rachel Brandt and will be available in September.

“The second in the trilogy is Finding Freedom, and the third is Finding Forgiveness, with the story in each focusing around a leading character in the original story. I was so chuffed that my first novel was listed by Goodreads in their top 98 books of 2017”.

“I don’t do sex or eroticism in my novels, there’s enough emotional suspense and drama, you can imagine the rest! Save her Soul is available to pre-order at and will be available in ebook and paperback on all Amazon stores from August 1st. All my books are listed on my author page:

Built around Kate, who is recovering from the brutal murder of her sister, she is consumed by rage and the need for revenge. The ‘hero’ of the book, Drake, is no ordinary guy; in fact, he’s been dead for 500 years and is intent on feeding off Kate’s hate to claim her soul to Hell. But what good thriller doesn’t have a twist and Love has a habit of interrupting the best of plans. Will Love overcome Evil and break the curse that binds them both? Don’t ask me, read the book!

Save her Soul byAmanda J Evans will be available on Amazon from August 1 but available to pre-book on the link above.

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