Kildare mother saving for electric gates to stop dogs from fouling on her driveway

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Kildare mother saving for electric gates to stop dogs from fouling on her driveway
8:01 Saturday 17th of February 2018

A resident in Celbridge is planning to install electric gates on her property to dealing with an ongoing problem of dogs repeatedly leaving their foul in her garden.

The woman, who contacted KildareNow in relation to the issue, has described it as 'infuriating', whereby the family wakes up and finds at least one or two instances of dog litter on their property every morning. She says that they have tried putting pepper on their 'ridiculously small driveway' to deter dogs from alleviating themselves there, but that has not halted the ongoing problem. They are now saving money to pay for electric gates to protect their driveway.

The concerned mother has suggested that bins along the roadside are also needed as there is dog litter all along the footpath in the area.

"I'm really at the end of my wick at this stage, I cannot believe people have absolutely no respect," she told KildareNow.

The woman has also contacted a local TD in relation to the matter, but the response she received was not applicable to that exact situation. According to the local representative, the woman "can complain to the District Court under the litter laws against an owner or someone in charge of a dog who allows that dog to foul public places and who fails to act responsibly".

The woman is continuing to exploring other options in a bid to finally resolve the ongoing problem.

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