Catalytic converter robbed from parked car near Naas


Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Another catalytic converter robbed from car near Naas

Gardai in Naas are investigating

The catalytic converter was taken from a car in Sallins.

It was robbed while the car was parked at the train station - between 7am and 7.30pm on February 5.

The targeted vehicle is a green coloured VW Polo.

Last September another catalytic converter was stolen from a car in Sallins.

A woman awoke at 4.30am in a house at Hunterswood to the noise  of what sounded like an angle grinder and saw three males beside her car, a silver coloured Toyota Prius with a 2010 registration.

A number of catalytic converters have been stolen in the Naas-Sallins area in recent months.

In January 2019 another was  stolen from a vehicle in Naas.

It took place at a car park, near the town on Newbridge Road between 8am and 2.30pm on January 8.

The female driver returned to the vehicle and heard a loud noise after she started the engine. The theft came to light after she brought the car, a 2004 Honda Civic, to a mechanic for inspection.

Catalytic converters are often stolen because they contain precious metals like platinum.