Two Mile House community centre plans lodged


Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara



Two Mile House church

A planning application has been made to develop a much needed community centre in Two Mile House - on a phased basis.

The community centre will be located within the village of Two Mile House adjacent to the National School on a site purchased by the parish a number of years ago.

And the application has been made by the school’s board of management.

The proposed community centre will consist of a mixed use hall (with a double height element) connecting to the school.

The application will see 1100 cubic metres of soil removed, which means site levels will be reduced to be consistent with existing ground levels around the school.

The second phase seeks permission for a single storey community building adjoining the phase one development with meeting rooms, kitchen, sport equipment storage rooms, offices, reception and ancillary rooms. It is envisaged that the hall will be able to accommodate approximately 300 people seated and can accommodate a basketball court/ indoor football.

The sports and activities that will take place there will include indoor basketball, volleyball, badminton, netball, table tennis, organised get-fit classes as well as arts and crafts, bridge and book clubs.

There will be meeting rooms for clubs and organisations within the community, a place for the youth of the community to meet outside of school and there will be the potential to provide additional educational and extra-curricular opportunities for the children in the school.

Kildare County Council will make a decision on the application by May 3.